From garage sale to a large-scale European industry 

Here you will get a brief overview of Damstahl’s journey since the company was founded in 1969. From the humble beginnings in a basement in Farum, Denmark, to a position as a pan-European wholesale business with companies in 8 countries. 


June 2018 

Publication of the book “Stainless Steel – Handbook for the Curious” in both Danish and English 


October 2016 

Publication of the book “Surface treatment of stainless steel” in both Danish and English 


August 2016 

Launch of our E-Commerce store and Damstahl’s digital service platform in Denmark and Sweden 


October 2015 

Publication of the book “Stainless steel for hygienic equipment in food/pharma” in Swedish 


August 2015 

Damstahl Oy, Finland is founded 


June 2015 

Publication of the book “Stainless steel for hygienic equipment in food/pharma” in English 


October 2014 

Damstahl is the main sponsor of the newly created FoodTech Challenge, an innovation contest, which unites the industry and the Danish universities in a new way 


October 2014 

Damstahl occupies a stand at the annual FoodTech-fair in Herning, Denmark together with its sister companies NEUMO, Rieger, and AWH. 


October 2014 

Publication of the book “Stainless steel for hygienic equipment in food/pharma” in Danish 


December 2013 

Damstahl in Malmö, Sweden acquires its adjoining site taking up 9.122 m2 


November 2013 

Inauguration of a new fitting high-rise warehouse in Langenfeld, Germany 


November 2013 

Damstahl Germany opens a new sales office in Stuttgart, Germany 


August 2013 

Damstahl a/s Norway acquires Steel Support AS 


January 2013 

Damstahl sells its English business activities to another company in the NEUMO-Ehrenberg-Group, namely the German company Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH. 

The company is operated by the name NEUMO UK Ltd. 

October 2012 

Damstahl GmbH establishes business activity in Slovenia by the appointment of a local delegate who is responsible for servicing the Slovenian market. 


October 2012 

Publication of the book “Stainless Love” – a tribute to the 100-year anniversary of stainless steel. 

The book is published in Danish, English, German, Norwegian and Swedish. 


March 2012 

Damstahl in Langenfeld, Germany acquires its adjoining site taking up 4.569m2 


February 2012 

Acquiring of Edelstahlservice Frankfurt including the production company Edelstahlservice Magòcs Nemesacèlfeldolgozó Kft in Hungary. 


January 2012 

Damstahl Tooling a/s is renamed VARGUS Scandinavia a/s and subsequently becomes a subsidiary of VARGUS Ltd. 


January – December 2012 

Celebration of the 100-year anniversary of stainless steel. 


October 2011 

Publication of the book “Stainless steel and corrosion” in English, German and Swedish. 


April 2011 

Publication of the book “Stainless steel and corrosion” in Danish 


January 2011 

Damstahl B.V. is founded in The Netherlands 


November 2010 

Damstahl Germany turns 50 years old on November 8 

Damstahl Norway turns 30 years old on November 11 


September 2010 

Damstahl Germany opens a sales office in Hamburg 


August 2010 

Damstahl Sweden celebrates its 25-year anniversary 


April 2010 

Damstahl Sweden opens a sales office in Sundswall, Sweden 


December 2009 

Damstahl Denmark turns 40 years old on December 8 


March 2009 

Launch of Blue IQ. A new strategic initiative to give customers the possibility for inspection, testing, and courses. Learn more under Blue IQ 


November 2008 

Damstahl Tooling relocates “home” to Danmarksvej 28, Denmark 


November 2008 

Inauguration of the additional building of the administration building on Danmarksvej 28, Denmark. The new administrative building is 600m2 and both Damstahl and Damstahl Tooling resides in the buildings 


November 2006 

Inauguration of a new Fitting center taking up 2000m2 


April 2006 

Completion, total renovation, and arrangement of a fitting center in Skanderborg, Denmark with 7 warehouse machines. 

Simultaneously, 10.000m2 of land is integrated into our outdoor warehouse 


November 2005 

Damstahl Norway celebrates its 25-years anniversary 


April 2005 

3 newly purchased, state-of-the-art Amada saws are put into use at the cutting center in Langenfeld, Germany 


March 2005 

2.800mnewly build warehouse in Langenfeld, Germany is put into use 


August 2004 

Acquiring of a packing machine in Langenfeld, Germany 


May 2004 

A new fully integrated IT-system (DAM 400) is put into use for the German activities of the group as a result of a €1,3 million investment 


May 2004 

Acquiring of the adjoining site in Skanderborg, Denmark. The land includes a 2.100mwarehouse and a total of 10.000mland 


March 2003 

As a part of the streamlining of the entire Damstahl group’s infrastructure, the department in Ishøj, Denmark is shut down. Hereby, the Danish activities are solely handled by the Skanderborg offices 


November 2002 

The share capital in our parent company is increased and hits DKK 100 million 


March 2002 

In Stockholm, Sweden, a new 4.500moffice and warehouse building is taken into use 


December 2001 

In Bergen, Norway, a new 2.500moffice and warehouse building is taken into use 


September 2001 

Our subsidiary Damstahl GmbH expands its warehouse premises with 3.500m2 


August 2001 

The Icelandic subsidiary is sold to Sandblástur & Málmhúðun hf and their subsidiary Ferro Zink hf who is a key customer of Damstahl a/s 


January 2000 

Damstahl a/s takes on the German activities of Damstahl and becomes the parent company of the entire Damstahl group. 


June 1999 

Damstahl a/s acquires its adjoining site in Skanderborg, Denmark and secures the physical framework for future expansions 


November 1997 

A 3.000mhigh-rise warehouse in Skanderborg, Denmark is put into use 


January 1996 

An Icelandic branch is founded 


December 1994 

Damstahl a/s celebrates its 25-years anniversary 


November 1992 

A newly built 1.000m2 pipe warehouse in Skanderborg, Denmark is taken into use 


May 1991 

Damstahl Stainless Ltd. in Telford is founded 


May 1986 

The adjoining site of Danmarksvej 26 in Skanderborg, Denmark is acquired 

May 1986 

Damstahl a/s in Bergen, Norway is founded 


August 1985 

Damstahl ab in Stockholm, Sweden is founded 


August 1982 

Damstahl Værktøj ApS (later renamed Damstahl Tooling) is founded 


January 1982 

Damstahl a/s in Copenhagen, Denmark is founded 


April 1981 

Damstahl ab in Gothenburg, Sweden is founded 


November 1980 

Damstahl a/s in Norway is founded 


February 1977 

Damstahl ab in Malmö, Sweden is founded 


January 1975 

Relocation from Farum to Skanderborg, Denmark 


December 1969 

Damstahl a/s is registered in the Danish Register of Companies.