A smile elevates us all

At Damstahl we want to be characterised by our core values, namely our SMILE: Self-Respect, Mind, Inventiveness, Life and Ending. 


We believe in: 


Recognition paves the way towards self-respect and pride, and pride is the driving force for each of our employees at Damstahl. When the employees of Damstahl are proud of their work, you will experience that they enjoy taking responsibility for you as a customer – at all levels. 


Mind – Courage 

It takes courage to take the next step, a belief in the next idea, listening to your intuition and taking responsibility. Being courageous leads to development and therefore we emphasise giving our employees a safe and confident environment in which they can be courageous. 




The greatest resource is inventiveness. Damstahl’s foundation was built upon a good idea. That is why we are aware of the fact that an innovative mindset combined with good ideas are what creates competitive advantages. Both for us and for you. 



Life is what creates meaning for us. To us, life is the interactions we have with each other, in our departments, during lunch breaks and with our customers and suppliers. This is where we grow, learn and share and ultimately reach our goals – both personal, employee and business goals. 


Ending – S M I L E