New digital Damstahl investment
November 27, 2019

New digital Damstahl investment

Damstahl is the creator of Slize Digital which is a new company within digitisation.

Slize Digital is a specific example of how stainless steel distribution and the digital universe is melted together.

“With it, the digitisation is changing from being a remote service to a core competence that we also need to master,” says Damstahl Director, Michael Lund.

Damstahl strives to be number 1 in Europe

“We have a clear vision to be number 1 in Europe when it comes to digitisation in our industry. Therefore, we now invest in a start-up in Kiev, Ukraine,” Michael Lund continues. Damstahl establishes Slize Digital together with Brian Kobberøe Fink, who with many years of experience both from the steel industry and B2B-business is an experienced man in the industry. For the last eight years, Brian has been based in Ukraine and has worked on the development of digital platforms for Ciklum as Vice President and Account Retention and Development, among other things.

“I am excited to combine my many years of experience in the realm of stainless steel – from Damstahl as well as others – with the creation of customer-oriented solutions. This is exactly what I am eager to do and when an opportunity such as this arises, you take it”, Brian emphasises.

Steel, knowledge and digitisation

To begin with, the aim of Slize Digital is to develop new solutions for Damstahl. Simultaneously, the new establishment in Ukraine opens up new possibilities to expand the business. Not just within the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, which Damstahl is a part of, but most definitely outside of it as well.

“Specifically, we also want to target our new initiatives towards the entire sub-supplier industry where we from experience can tell that a lot of the actors in this industry want to ride along on the digitisation wave”, Michael Lund adds.

“With Slize Digital, Damstahl develops the collaboration with both current and future customers in the long term in order for us to have not only the widest and deepest range of stainless steel but also the ability to combine it with digital solutions”, Michael Lund predicts. Damstahl already took another step in diversification more than 10 years ago by offering knowledge about stainless steel, surface treatment, corrosion as well as hygienic design. This has, among other things, been brought to life with the publication of 4 books published in up to 7 different languages and more than 100 courses arranged by Damstahl’s technical consultants, who also are the ultimate specialists in the industry.

“We possess the courage to go against the flow and find alternative roads. This new step will support the collaboration with our customers based on good relations and mutual trust”, Michael Lund states.

Digital transformation in focus

Initially, Slize Digital will be staffed by competent employees in Kiev, where Brian Kobberøe Fink has his daily operations. In exactly Kiev, the accession of new skilful digital developers is enormous. Slize Digital’s primary services will all revolve around the digital transformation that many companies are facing. Especially with focus on Web and Mobile Commerce, Service Portals and Mobile Applications that have the common feature to deliver products enthroning the user experience, which in this way will drive the value for companies and their customers. This is supported by Data Analysis, which both can be used to adjust the experience for each customer but also as a foundation for data-driven decisions in the individual company.